The Gorilla Press was founded in 2010 by a troop of friends while in the graduate creative writing department at San Francisco State University. Our online press wants to gandner success of small journals that are trying to present art to the public through a web experience. The zines we present to the public are, and will be, far reaching giving the reader a full range of comptempory writing throughout the US, and hopefully the world. Starting small with Troop in 2010, our .com’s quarterly zine, we wanted to give everyone access to submitting no matter your age, background, and other affiliations. Wanting Troop to exist “in order democratize art by removing the stringent submissions expectations”.

gesture by Matthew Sherling is a bi-annual, or more, publication looking to bring outstanding poets together under one cover that’s not necessarily looking for “a singular aesthetic,” but work that “is drawn to work with immediacy, surprise, and the bizarre.”

Boog City Interview of Gorilla Press (pg. 32)

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