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Daniel Saurez is finishing his MFA in Poetry from San Francisco State University, and currently works at Green Apple Books. He’s shopping around a¬†upcoming book of poems called The Good Son. He lives in the Sunset district of San Francisco.

Matthew Sherling writes disparate lines in my phone & try to mold them together into poems. My first book,bring me my absolute surrender, came out this year. I never feel like I write enough, but I’ve been reading a lot of novels & fringe science books lately. & also watching tv series & movies. I run an interview & screenshot blog called CUTTY SPOT that adds content daily. After moving back to Georgia from San Francisco in 2013, I’ve been teaching Creative Writing and English at University of West Georgia. This is all sounds boring! ‘this is the window to my life: / when I die, bury me inside my favorite magnolia. / when I die, look for me under my URLs.

 Jason Schenheit is figuring stuff out, and writing little chapbooks like all the time. You can get his latest, I Smell Smoke, from Needles & Pens in the Mission District of San Francisco or the Gorilla Press square store.

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