Cassandra Dallett

cassandra_ CASSANDRA DALLETT lives in Oakland, CA. Cassandra writes of a counter  culture childhood in Vermont and her ongoing adolescence in the San Francisco  Bay Area. A reluctant poet, she believed poetry better left to the hippies and beats  of her parent’s generation. While taking classes at Berkeley Community College  she stumbled, or rather dragged her feet, into poetry. When her father died in late  2006 she wanted to keep his stories alive and her first poem, “Talk Story,” about a  father who never shut up, won poem of the month at the Beat Museum of San  Francisco. Cassandra reads out often and has self-published several chapbooks.  She has been published online and in print magazines such as Slip Stream,  Sparkle and Blink, Criminal Class Review, Chiron Review and Enizagam.             A full- length book of poetry, Wet Reckless, was released from Manic D Press in  May 2014.




Excerpt taken from Interview with that explores Cassandra’s writing, style and youth as a punk:

cassandra_cover_photo“When I was ten we moved to a mountain in Corinth, Vermont. My mother left shortly after the move and I lived with my dad and a revolving cast of his girlfriends their kids and other strange characters he took in, with no toilet or electricity for almost five years. I left for good when I was fifteen with a shaved head, combat boots, a boom box, and a homemade duffel bag. I landed in the Fillmore where I lived with my mother’s youngest sister. I was a punk rock kid, still too big, too sexual, and terribly shy. But I had learned to drink the shyness away and I had gotten tangled up with the skinheads. The alternative high school I ended up going to was run by a black revolutionary principal. It was there that I got deeply into hip-hop and black literature like Toni Morrison and Zora Neal Hurston. I learned to read late, but once I did, reading was my thing. I also found Charles Bukowski around that time and that was a turning point for me. It took twenty years before I started writing but once I read Bukwoski I knew I would write.”                                                                       BUY NOW

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