Gina Goldblatt

gina_biopic “I am a human. As a writer, I am also very much a human. My writing is coming  from a poetry-based place, so I play with words, imagery, rhythm, and the way text  looks on the page. I am aesthetic appreciating, as well as a very feeling-based and  experiential focused creative. I like to play with form and believe in form following  content. I believe in telling the story truth and the feeling truth, as everything that  is experienced “in truth” is not always the story that tells it. I see writing as a  vehicle for voice. It is a tool for advocacy, political, personal, communal, creative,  at times grave and at times playful. I am interested in community through the use  of writing, though the expressions it allows for, the connections, the truth- seeking  and finding and in being in roles of support and creation in these processes. It  matters to me that women and marginalized groups in society have mediums that  give them voice, and that I am an active participant in listening, attending, and  being an ally as much as it is important to me to create in my own vision      through  the use of my voice, which I hope will resonate with the experience of  truth for  others.” (From Gina’s website)




cover_front_mock“All Small Carcasses” is a collection of flash fiction pieces about New York City. Three friends, venturing into the undefined space of the work force, in various states of dependency on family and the dysfunctions afforded them because of their upbringings, come together to attempt to make sense of themselves. Through their shared and disparate trajectories and the city that often delivers its own answers and queries, they fill in the spaces left in their collective experiences, to produce a semblance of wholeness.





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