Nate Waggoner

nate_biopic Nate Waggoner has contributed fiction and criticism to Quiet Lightning, Shipwreck,, Write  Club SF, Makeout Creek and KQEDPop. He has an MFA in Fiction from San Francisco State University. In  2014, SF Weekly named him one of the best writers in the Bay Area without a published book. He co-  founded, a daily website that publishes cultural commentary and memoir. He lives in  Brooklyn.



His work uses humor and idiosyncratic voice to deal with recurring notions of artistic ambition, generation gaps, aging, sex, and life in the contemporary American South. After living in theBay Area and experiencing the death of a close cousin, he has increasingly begun incorporating themes and images of mortality, random catastrophe, family, and California. In his worlds the future looks bleak, love is mostly unrequited, cults are everywhere, and family, friendship, and art only occasionally offer redemption.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Flip One BUY NOW           Flip Two BUY NOW



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