Nec(Romantic) was a finalist for the Bi Sexual Book Award

I would like to take this time to congratulate┬áCathleen Chambless on becoming a finalist in The Bi Writers Association annual award in Poetry. It’s has been a long journey since Cathleen and I started working together to bring her wonderful book Nec(Romantic) to the world.

On June 10th 2017 Cathleen went to NYC for the award presentation, and while Cathleen didn’t take home the award, however Cathleen’s first book of poetry showed great power and was a hard fight to beat out. I want to thank Cathleen for showing grace under pressure and for writing a amazing book of poetry. I’m so proud of Cathleen’s work and the diligence shown in submitting to the awards.

Being a finalist in a award is such feat, and Cathleen’s Nec(Romantic) deserves that recognition. I also want to thank The Bi Writers Association and the Poetry Award Judges for their time and their foresight in seeing in Cathleen’s work what I saw all along; presence of culture, sexuality, and pure honesty.

(If you haven’t got your hands on Cathleen’s Nec(Romantic) you can order through our Square Store.)

Jason Schenheit