Pre-sale Full Print Release of Gesture

gesture_sample_1Dear gesture fam,

Jason Schenheit & I started Gesture when we were both in the MFA program at San Francisco State University, back in 2012. I had wanted to start an online literary magazine, & he had recently started a small press with its own website. He said we should just join forces, so we started releasing Gesture issues through Gorilla Press also started to have readings & make chapbooks (hand-stitched, etc, with the help of Daniel Suarez). We even put together some original video collages of our escapades around the city.

Then I moved from San Francisco in 2013, so Gesture slowed down some. Now I live in Los Angeles & Jason lives in Minnesota. We have released only two issues since our geographical split. He contacted me last year though & said we should release a print issue. I thought that was a great idea, so here it is, full of pieces I love from writers & artists I love. There’s even an interview with one of my favorite storytellers, Scott McClanahan, with an accompanying chapter from his new book, The Sarah Book.

As the site states, we look for writing that makes us potentially cry & laugh at the same time. Hopefully each of these pieces will have at least one of those impacts on you.

Bringing artists and writers together in harmony has been the constant and will continue on these pages as well. Today we are starting a pre-sale for what we want to create a full release IRL. Each copy will be discounted ($10) from the sale price ($12), and will be mailed out upon the books being printed, along with some extra gifts like past hand bound issues, stickers, and our unwavering love. Each dollar earned will help make copies and be used to help make future gesture’s in full print. Without the fans and readership of gesture we wouldn’t even be at the point and we want to thank you for all your support given thus far, so amazing.


Love you,

Matt Sherling and Jason Schenheit

::: Upcoming writers and artists in the full release issue will be :::

lydia davis     michael heald     edward mullany

guillaume morissette     adam robinson     chuck young     

daniel daws    jeremy hight     oliver mol     scott mcclanahan



mike young     kimmy walters     jamie j mortara     

leah clancy     oscar bruno d’artois     james ganas     

manuel arturo abreu      theron jacobs     daniel bailey     

stephanie m barber     rachel bell      justin etc      

ben noel     jakob maier     zachary cosby     

sb stokes     evan leed     carabella sands     

rosemarie waldrop