Troop exists to democratize art by removing the stringent submissions expectations that hinder the accessibility of great work. We believe that regardless of a lack of resources, experience, or academic/professional affiliation, good artists and their art should be seen, read, and heard. Each new issue will have a theme word, as a trigger, for writers to initiate their creative processes. Our spring and fall issues will be dedicated to poetry, while our summer and winter issues will showcase fiction.


submit short fiction / parcels of stories

(one (1) story / 3 pgs max) for upcoming troop zine

call word ::: STRINGS ::: DEADLINE JUNE 15th 2016

send emails to

(subject line = Troop ::: STRINGS Submission from ‘your name’)

add a short bio on last page of submission 

please attach files ending in .doc, .txt, .docx, or PDF only

::: newest lovely ::: CARGO ::: vol 2 issue 3










Cargo ::: vol 2 issue 3

::: past issues :::


Colony ::: vol 1 issue 1


Exposure ::: vol 1 issue 2


Captivity ::: vol 1 issue 3


Veil ::: vol 1 issue 4


Fancy ::: vol 2 issue 1


VENT ::: vol 2 issue 2

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