We Are Back!

After some months of delays, computer failures, and winter blues, I am back at the helm trying to steer the press back in the right direction. I know that some of you reading this are like, wtf, but long story short the press laptop after 8 years of trusty service bit the dust leaving me without a good back up. With some luck I was able to pull some recent files, past promos, and past contributors to try to piece gorilla press back together. I was able to acquire a ‘new to me’ desktop and have begun the rebuilding phase! I say that we have been through a rough patch and looking out to a better future then we were the better part of last year.

With that said it’s time to start looking forward and with it the release of Matthew Sherling’s journal Gesture which is in print as this is¬†being written and will be mailed out to pre-sale buyers, and contributors, with great haste,¬†along with a thank you from me and gorilla press. Thank you for your patience. Also a shout out to Sheridan Books for printing the first run, its beautiful, we are super proud of Gesture and what it has grown in to as a publication. Gesture is really the heart of gorilla press and truly holds on to the core beliefs and values we try to embody as a press. We are looking forward to many more volumes coming in the future, hopefully with another in the fall. But with that said you can get a copy through a Square store, from Matthew Sherling (in LA) or coming up in AWP 2018 Tampa FL.

I will be a AWP this year but without a booth. I will be roving around with my backpack like the old days enjoying the panel discussions and readings in real time. Which will be a first in a long time. Super excited to catch up, go to readings, and if you’d like pick up Gesture along with some other past books of ours from Nec(Romantic) by Cathleen Chambless or Self-Portrait of the Poet Suicided by the MFA Degree by Justin, ETC

Hope you all have been well and I look forward to the future,

Much Peace, Jason Schenheit EIC